About me

For more than 20 years I am supplying collectors and customers who are enthusiastic about cars all over the world through my online mail order business autoshow.at
My passion for model cars developed as early as the 1960s, in the 1970s a lot revolved around DieCasts like Corgi, Dinky, Solido, Mattel and Politoys, …. Soon I completed my first "study trips" to Great Britain, where I immersed myself in the diverse world of handbuilt models for the first time. Since then, this fascination has not let go of me. In the following decades (still without internet) I visited countless collectors, swapmeetings and model manufacturers all over Europe, this resulted in the best personal contacts that have been cultivated to this day.
And this is how it all started:
My strengths in the segment of handmade small series and rarities are specialist knowledge, seriousness, experience and attention to detail. Even after 50 years of "love for model cars", models are not mere merchandise for me, but I am honestly happy to enrich my customers' collections with beautiful and rare models. With this in mind, I wish you lots of fun with our shared hobby

With best regards from Vienna
Johann Stegny