After your order I will check the availability and you will then receive an invoice:
diese zahlen Sie bitte mit IBAN / BIC problemlos auf mein Konto.
you can easily pay these to my account with your IBAN / BIC.
PayPal is only available to my customers outside of Europe (+6% PayPal fee)

I would be happy to store your models for later shipping,
as soon as further models from your order are available.
This saves you postage costs.
For very large orders, it may also be possible to agree on monthly installments.

Normally the dispatch takes place within a short time after receipt of payment,
I check each model for transport safety and pack it accordingly:
if necessary I pull a plastic film over the model
or unscrew the model from the base to withstand transport shocks without any problems.
Should transport damage nevertheless occur,
please contact the delivering company immediately,
photograph the damage and fill out a damage report.
Only you as the recipient can do that, anyway I am happy to help.

If a model does not correspond to the offer, i.e. it is the wrong one than ordered or it has serious quality defects, please write to me and we
will find a way to solve the problem! Please understand that returns that have not been agreed in advance and that I have reserved will not be accepted
since the assignment of the sender / content / is often not apparent when it is handed over.
For example, it has happened that I was sent unusable goods without being asked to sell them....

I send every package insured, depending on the content, the maximum insured value per package is EUR 500.00
I therefore advise you to have two packets sent for higher values!

1 to 4 models 1:43 (in normal packaging)
€ 7,90          Austria
€ 19,90        EU without France
€ 24,90        France, Switzerland, Great Britain

1 to 3 models 1:43 (in normal packaging)
€ 35,90        USA, Canada
€ 39,90        Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Rep. Korea, etc…)
€ 49,90        Australia